Out of state insurance companies are only interested in settling your case fast and on the cheap.

In Montana, we protect our own.

Much to the chagrin of these out of state insurance companies, Montana law protects people from being leveraged or forced into a settlement.  Insurance carriers have the upper hand.  They have the money, the lawyers, and doctors all in their pocket.  I will share a little secret with you that your insurance company would rather you not know:

When liability is reasonably clear, an automobile insurance carrier must pay all reasonable medical bills related to the injuries sustained in an automobile collision. 

Insurance carriers must pay these bills without asking for a release when the following criteria are met:

  • Liability must be reasonably clear. This means that the insurance company’s policy holder must be clearly negligent.
  • Medical bills must be directly related to injuries sustained in the automobile collision.
  • The cost associated with the medical treatment must be reasonable in nature.

You are in absolutely no rush to settle your claim whiel the insurance carrier continues to pay your medical bills on time.  Montana law is clear that an insurance company is required to pay these medical bills before you settle your case.

Here is another secret:

Automobile insurance companies must also pay for lost wages when liability is reasonably clear.  As with medical bills, the insurance company must pay a reasonable amount of lost wages until the injured party is released to return to work.  To receive for prepayment of medical bills you must meet the same criteria applied to lost wages.  A claimant must also establish an anticipated wage.  You do not have to settle on the insurance company’s time table.  

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