We Are Real Montanans Representing Real Montanans

From its Bozeman, Montana offices, Foust Law Office has had the privilege of representing Montanans from Kalispell to Billings and Missoula to Great Falls. Starting as a general practice law firm in 1999, Foust Law Office has developed into a firm specializing in serious personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

At Foust Law Office, we appreciate the opportunity provided by significant personal injury claims to not only improve the lives of our clients but to contribute to the safety of the community as a whole. Whether it is holding a negligent trucking company accountable or ensuring that the resources from a settlement are protected for generations to come, at Foust Law Office, our work makes our community a better place.

We Are Proud to Serve Montanans

What sets Foust Law Office apart from any other law firm is its deep understanding of Montanans. For the past five years, through Heather Foust’s company, Seventh Amendment Productions, we have conducted over 100 jury research projects throughout Montana and Wyoming—more than any other law firm in the state.

At Foust Law Office, you will not find the narcissistic, egocentric bully you think of when you hear the word lawyer. In other words, we know that you do not have to be an ass to be a great advocate. Our jury research tells us that you want and need something very different from your lawyer.

From the moment you contact our office through a jury trial or settlement of your claim, our goal is to keep you informed. The need to provide you with as much information as possible has led us to develop reports, guides, books, videos, and audiobooks in our library. Before you sign a contract with any law firm, we recommend you take a look at our guide, Ten Questions You Should Ask Before Signing a Contract With a Personal Injury Lawyer. Please take the time to review the information in our library before you make any other significant decision.