June 2019 Newsletter. Foust boy graduates!

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When Your Child Leaves Home

This morning, I went outside to check the mail and found a letter addressed to The Parents of Andrew Foust. The letter contained information about graduation. I knew it was coming, but this one-month warning was more difficult for me to swallow than I thought it would be. Letting a child grow up and move on is not an easy thing... CONTINUE READING

Lawsuits From Beyond

We pride ourselves on being a country where everyone receives a fair trial. And while that's not always the case, even the craziest claims still have to be heard in some capacity by a court of law. As you can imagine, this can result in plenty of spooky high jinks in the courtroom. Let's take a look at some of the more baffling court cases in recent memory... CONTINUE READING

Enjoy Your Family Time By Taking a Break From Your Phone

Setting some time aside to be with family is important, but it can be difficult when everyone is always on their cellphones. Constant cellphone use has become a global problem, and the habit is hard to break because we rely on mobile devices heavily for work, school, and keeping in contact with friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can reduce how often you're on your phone and minimize distractions... CONTINUE READING

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