Learn How the Wheels of Justice Have Been Spinning Even Before an Initial Appearance in a Montana Court What You Need to Know BEFORE You Go To Court!

You Have Been Charged:  What you Need to Know Before You Go To Court

The inside of a jail cell can be the coldest, loneliest place in the world.  If you are visiting this site, you have either been incarcerated, have a loved one who is (or has been) incarcerated, or are afraid of being incarcerated.  What happens before you make your initial appearance before a judge in Montana will often determine how familiar you will need to be with a jail cell.

My introduction to the practice of law came as a public defender in Helena, Montana in 1998. Like many institutions in the United States, there are two very different criminal justice systems. There is one criminal justice system for people with money. There is one criminal justice system for people without money.

In the state of Montana, those who qualify for a public defender are not entitled to an attorney until after making an initial appearance. Unfortunately, so much has gone on by this point in time that a public defender’s job is like trying to put toothpaste back into a tube.

I have written You Have Been Charged in an attempt to inform people who can afford attorneys and those who cannot what has happened in the weeks, and sometimes months before criminal charges have been filed.  In You Have Been Charged, you will learn some of the following:

  1. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony;
  2. How the process of a surety bond works;
  3. Why you may not have been notified of your Miranda rights;
  4. What you can expect in your initial meeting with law enforcement;
  5. What happened before you were arrested.

The retail price for this guide is $20. You can download the book from my web site for free or call Foust Law Office at 406-587-3720 or ask for one by e-mail. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, waiting is not an option.

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