Can I receive lost wages if my work place accident was my fault?

Can I receive lost wages if my workplace accident was my fault?

Lucas Foust:
Hi, this is Lucas Foust from Foust Law Office. And I'm here to answer a fourth question that I receive on a frequent basis. These are part of the four frequently asked questions that are included in this email. The question I receive is, can I receive benefits even if the injury was my fault at work? The answer to that question may seem funny, but it's yes. Even if the accident or the injury that you cause is your own fault, you cannot be blamed for that injury under Montana's Workers' Compensation Act. You still are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, by law. To answer this question in more detail, I encourage you to download the book that I've written, A Comprehensive Guide to Workers' Compensation Law in Montana, on the website Foust Law Office, we believe that an informed client is a better client.