Does my health insurance play a role in paying my medical bills?

Yes, your health insurance plays a vital role in your automobile insurance claim. How you pay medical bills impacts whether there will be enough money for you and your family to achieve stable financial footing following an automobile crash. Your health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cards must be presented to all your health care providers. For reasons explained below, your health care providers will likely object to billing anyone other than your automobile insurance carrier. However, you have only a specific amount of insurance coverage to pay your bills, and your health insurance is a necessary tool for getting your family’s financial situation on track. You must insist that your health insurance carrier accepts your health insurance, Medicare, or Medicare.

Health care providers in the United States use an incredibly complicated method for billing patients. Health care providers NEVER expect to be paid the full amount they bill. Instead, they have agreements with health insurance carriers, Medicare, and Medicaid to accept payment for a fraction of the amount they bill. In contrast, a person paying cash or using automobile insurance for payment is billed an amount sometimes two and three times higher than the amount the health care provider will accept from Medicare, Medicaid, or a health insurance carrier. If you allow a health care provider to receive money directly from your or the negligent driver’s automobile insurance policies, you are losing money that is rightfully yours to keep.