Protecting your family with two questions.

In order to protect your family, there are two critical questions you must ask your insurance agent.  You and your family have worked hard to build a life.  Asking these two very important questions of your insurance agent is one way to protect your future.

1. How much will an umbrella insurance policy cost?

One way to protect your assets is to purchase an umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella insurance policy provides an additional layer of security to people who own real property or have other assets that must be protected. An umbrella policy provides more protection (i.e. higher insurance limits) than many automobile insurance carriers are willing to provide for in traditional automobile insurance coverage. If you have been successful enough to have significant assets, you should be wise enough to purchase an umbrella insurance policy to protect those assets. Getting a quote cannot hurt. 

2. Is my uninsured motorist coverage as much as my bodily injury coverage? 

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you and your family in the event you are injured by the negligence of a driver who does not have motor vehicle insurance. About one out of ten motorists in Montana do not carry automobile insurance coverage at all. For some inexplicable reason, insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage that does not have a limit as high as the bodily injury coverage for the insured. Here is what that means: 

The insurance company protects other people more than they protect their own insured from uninsured motorists. That makes absolutely no sense. To fulfill your responsibility to your own family, and for a few extra dollars every year, you must protect your own family with insurance limits that are equal to the amount of insurance coverage you have provided to other people.

For some inexplicable reason, insurance agents are not adamant about getting their clients on board for an umbrella policy and ensuring that uninsured motorist coverage is at least as much as bodily injury coverage. Chances are you have made many wise decisions in the process of gaining assets over the years.  Purchasing sufficient insurance coverage is another wise decision that you must consider. Asking your insurance agent the above questions is a must.