Lawyers who hate their jobs make very bad advocates.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a boxing referee?  A boxing referee does not get paid more the longer you fight.

Knowing a good lawyer from an average lawyer or someone who is in over his or her head can be difficult.  Fortunately, lawyers know who are good at their job and those who are fakers.  You should ask these two questions before signing up with a personal injury attorney:

Do you teach at continuing legal education programs?

Attorneys can spot a quality attorney and can tell you who is less than competent.  Although attorney referrals are helpful, one of the best ways to find out who is well-respected in the legal community is to find out who is asked to teach at continuing legal education programs.

I have been honored to speak at a number of continuing legal programs in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  I have even organized an invitation-only program in Bozeman bringing in attorneys from around the country to speak on effective trial practice.

What do you like about your job?

This question will tell you a lot about the personality of the attorney you may hire.  Some attorneys really enjoy conflict while others may appreciate reaching a peaceful and amiable resolution to the case. 

When we refer people to attorneys we consider what the person wants out of their case.  If you simply want to peacefully move along from your divorce, there is one type of attorney.  If you know it is going to be a knock-down drag out battle, we will refer you to another type of attorney.

I appreciate getting to know my clients.  I appreciate finding ways to make their lives better after a very difficult time and will do anything to make sure their lives are better after working with my firm than before.  Although money is nice, and we do get a lot of money for our clients, I appreciate creating a great experience for my clients when they enter into the legal process.  

These two questions are just the beginning.  I recommend a number of other questions in my article entitled the Top Ten Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Signing a Contract. Like all of the educational information on our website, this report is free.