A lawyer is only as good as his relationship with his clients.

What does a lawyer get when he takes Viagra? Taller!

Any lawyer you hire to handle a serious personal injury claim must be willing to get to know you and your family very well. Below are two more questions I highly recommend you ask before signing a contract with a personal injury attorney:

1. When was the last time you went to a client’s house?

I am fairly certain this is something you never thought to ask. However, it tells more about the person you are thinking of hiring than nearly any other question you can ask. An attorney who goes to his or her client’s home has a completely different relationship with a client than someone who does not. If you have a very serious case, your attorney should know you very, very well.

I cannot think of a more important part of learning about a person than visiting his or her home. It is almost impossible to fully understand the challenges of a profoundly injured person without visiting his or her home. Attorneys who do not visit with their clients, have meals with them, and take the time to really understand what they are going through simply do not get it and are not deserving of your business.

2. Can you give me a list of three previous clients I can call?

If you do not get a list, you should probably look for another attorney. Also, understand that the attorney is not likely to give you the names of people who have been unhappy. These are the best of the bunch and people the attorney believes were satisfied.

Now that you have the list, here are some ideas on what to ask previous clients:

  1. How did the attorney’s staff treat you?
  2. How long did it take for the attorney to return phone calls?
  3. Did you receive all of the documents in your case?
  4. How did the attorney make you feel while he or she was representing you?
  5. Did you feel as though the attorney judged you?
  6. Did the attorney make you feel like you were important?
  7. Did the attorney talk to your family members and friends while he or she was representing you?
  8. Would you feel comfortable speaking with this attorney about something other than the case he or she handled for you?