Insurance companies count on your ignorance to make a profit.

Insurance companies know that bringing a lawyer into a case will force them to pay more. They even completed a study to show just how much money they save when you try to handle your claim without a lawyer.

In its assessment of Allstate’s claims handling procedures, the McKenzie Group concluded that individuals who retain an attorney increase costs and claims at a rate of three times more than when a claim is settled without an attorney involved. To combat this increase in claims, Allstate and the other “big four” insurance carriers encourage adjusters to attempt to settle claims before even conducting any significant investigation. Insurance companies actually provide a script for adjusters to read to claimants when the topic of a lawyer comes up. Previous scripts have gone so far as to encourage claims adjusters to create a “friendly” relationship with claimants. If you have ever felt as though the insurance adjuster was a bit phony during your conversation, you were right. Remember one thing: Time is on your side. You do not have to file a claim so long as it is within Montana’s three-year statute of limitation.

Although not every claim requires an attorney, we believe that every claimant benefits from being informed. Visit the Free Info section of our website to find articles, videos, reports that will help you better understand the process insurance companies use in their efforts to settle your claim for an unreasonably low amount of money. The less you know, the more likely you are to end up with an unsatisfactory settlement.

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