Foust Law Office April 2021 Newsletter

Small Business of the Month: Justus Entertainment Group

Justus Entertainment Group’s CEO, Josh Perkins, first came to Bozeman as a prospective student of Montana State University (MSU). In his hometown of Compton, California, Josh had received several offers from colleges in Utah, but MSU had offered a full-ride scholarship that he couldn’t turn down. However, that wasn’t what ... CONTINUE READING

For the First Time, a Vegan Restaurant Gets a Michelin Star

It’s difficult to take animal products out of French cuisine and replace them with lemongrass, seaweed, and fir (yes, the tree). French meals are generally meat-centric, featuring vegetables solely as a side dish. And, even with no meat, how do you cut out ... CONTINUE READING

3 Ways AI Is Changing Our Lives for the Better

Artificial intelligence (AI) became a household feature when Apple introduced us to Siri, and it expanded with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. However, AI can do so much more than tell us the weather or answer our ... CONTINUE READING

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