July 2022 Attorney feature of the Month- Chris Walker


Our Montana lawyers work tirelessly every day to better the lives of the citizens of our beautiful state. All humans are created equal, and each one of us deserves the right to obtain legal justice. Attorneys are a fundamental part of society — they protect those who are harmed and defend those who are accused. Each month, Foust Law Office features a local lawyer who gets up every single day, ready to assist individuals, groups, and organizations in furthering the public good.

Chris Walker, associate attorney at Silverman Law Firm here in Bozeman, has a passion for his career unlike any other. “Many of my colleagues say that being an attorney is like solving a puzzle. And they're right, it is,” Chris tells us. “Many times, you're trying to put different pieces together when you don't have all of the pieces. It can be challenging, and I enjoy solving tough problems for my clients.” As cliché as it may sound, Chris has a genuine love for helping others, and having the opportunity to build his skills and knowledge in the process is always an added benefit. 

Having been raised in Kalispell, Montana, Chris attended Flathead High School and went on to obtain his undergraduate degree in international relations from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. This is where he met his wife, and they’ve been happily married for 10 years now. They have two children, and his oldest was, ironically enough, born during his first week of law school at the University of Montana School of Law, where he went on to graduate with honors and pass the bar. 

Before joining Silverman Law Firm in August 2020, he clerked for the 17th Judicial Court of Montana and worked in private practice at the Havre law firm of Bosch, Kuhr, Dugdale & Brown, where he got a great foundation for many different branches of the law, especially estate law, real estate law, and litigation, before returning to Helena. Chris’ primary areas of expertise are real estate law, probate law, and business transactional law. 

Even though Chris didn’t wind up entering the international diplomacy field, he states that one of his greatest passions in life is becoming cultured. “We had an exchange student from Korea stay with us in our home for roughly two years. I’d love to be able to visit there and learn more about history,” Chis says. “I’m very intellectually driven. I cannot sit still and just kick back and relax. My mind, admittedly, always needs to be thinking, reading, and learning.” 

Chris is also a huge family man and enjoys reading and spending quality time with his wife and children, especially if it’s outdoors, hiking, and exploring. Chris, your passion for what you do is inspiring and we thank you so much for making a difference in so many lives! We appreciate you!