August 2020 Newsletter

Kids and the Coronavirus

Raising kids can be a challenging endeavor. When Heather and I were married in 2013, Heather took on a husband and two boys as well: Andrew, who was 12, and Chandler, who was 11. The boys are now 18 and 19 years old. They both face growing up in a very different world than the one Heather and I knew as teenagers — especially with the ... CONTINUE READING

Why Jelly Belly Was Sued for Misrepresentation

Most of us consider it common knowledge that Jelly Belly's popular jelly beans, and any other candy, contain sugar. The candy, made by Jelly Belly Candy Company, has been in production for decades, and many consider it an American confectionery staple. But when the company began offering its famous jelly beans in a new sport-enhancing product line, it left at least one consumer  ...CONTINUE READING

The Story of Zen Buddhist Chef Jeong Kwan

One of the world's greatest chefs can't be found in a restaurant. Instead, she serves fellow nuns and occasional visitors in a Zen Buddhist monastery in ... CONTINUE READING

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