Foust Law Office August 2022 Newsletter

Lawyer of the Month, Katharine Hamilton

OOur Montana lawyers work tirelessly every day to better the lives of the citizens of our beautiful state. All humans are created equal, and each one of us deserves the right to obtain legal justice. Attorneys are a fundamental part of society — they protect those who are harmed and defend those who are accused. Each month, Foust Law Office features a local lawyer who gets up every single day, ready to assist individuals, groups, and organizations in furthering the public good ... CONTINUE READING

Enjoy the Adventure and Hunt

International Geocaching Day takes place on the third Saturday of the month of August. It’s a chance to experience an adventure-filled day that will get you out of the house and into nature. People of all ages gather to commemorate the placement and discovery of geocaches across the world, and there’s no telling what kind of surprise you might discover if you participate ... CONTINUE READING

The 50-Yard Challenge

Today, there is a divide between younger and older generations, but one man is trying to bridge that gap by encouraging boys and girls to give back to their community ... CONTINUE READING

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