Foust Law Office December 2020 Newsletter

Small Business of the Month

Running a small business can be the most challenging and rewarding endeavor we undertake in this country. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Montana alone has over 118,000 small businesses. Over 65% of all jobs in Montana come from small businesses, and over 244,000 people in this state get paychecks from small businesses. Although the grind and the challenges of running a small business can sometimes ... CONTINUE READING

3 Gift-Giving Tips

Ah, the holidays. It’s a time of sweet treats, family, and giving back — and sometimes giving a little too much. When it comes to the perfect holiday gift, many people spend too much money. The average American spends nearly $1,000 on gifts during the December ... CONTINUE READING

Curious Laws in Practice

Nearly every community around the world has strange laws: Some were established decades or centuries ago to address specific issues that came up once or twice; some were created with good intentions but have since become outdated; and there are some recently created ones that still serve practical purposes. Here are three such ... CONTINUE READING

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