Foust Law Office February 2021 Newsletter

Small Business of the Month: Fork & Spoon

For our February 2021 edition, we’re featuring Bozeman community member and chef, Rick Hillace. Rick was born and grew up in the Pennsylvania area, right outside of Philadelphia, but both Rick and his family’s love of travel brought him all across the U.S. It was this (with a combination of his love of mountain biking and snowboarding) that ... CONTINUE READING

The Original Death by Chocolate

How much do you love chocolate? Would you be willing to die for a taste of your favorite candy bar? Would you kill for one? You’ve probably never thought to ask yourself these questions, but if tall tales can be believed, arguments over chocolate have ... CONTINUE READING

Brad Pitt Battles His Doppelganger

When actor/producer Brad Pitt makes headlines, it’s usually to take credit for an award, talk about his new hairstyle, or fend off the latest gossip about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. But last fall, the ‘90s heartthrob made the front page of Page Six for an entirely different reason: He ... CONTINUE READING

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