Foust Law Office August 2021 Newsletter

Spotlighting Kay Bright

Running a small business can be the most challenging and rewarding endeavor we undertake in this country. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Montana alone has over 118,000 small businesses. Over 65% of all jobs in Montana come from small businesses, and over 244,000 people in this state get paychecks from small businesses. Although the grind ... CONTINUE READING

Are We Headed for the First War in Space?

Earlier this year, Russia announced it would abandon its missions to the International Space Station in favor of a new, Russia-only station orbiting Earth. At the same time, China has begun working in earnest on its own permanent space installation, raining construction debris down on coastal Africa and other places. With private American interests ... CONTINUE READING

Fight SAD Early!

Do you get SAD? We’re talking about seasonal affective disorder, which affects 1%–10% of the population depending on the state you live in. Symptoms of SAD are similar to symptoms of depression, but unlike chronic depression, which can occur at any time, people with SAD only experience symptoms during a certain time of year, usually winter ... CONTINUE READING

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