Foust Law Office July 2021 Newsletter

On the Road with ‘Traveling Jackie’

For some, a day in the office looks like exactly that. But if you’re Jackie Nourse — author, travel podcaster, and trip organizer extraordinaire — then your “office” is anywhere you have the internet. Jackie runs and the associated “Traveling Jackie” podcast, which chronicles ... CONTINUE READING

Poor Safety Meets Molten Enamel

If you don’t know what enamel is, you’ve probably seen it around: It’s the colorful, protective coating that covers tiles and all kinds of fancy cookware. But how does it get on to things? For that, you need heat — enough to melt enamel into a workable, molten-hot liquid. It’s dangerous stuff to work with, which means facilities need to provide ... CONTINUE READING

Are ‘Tainted’ Jury Pools a Historic Problem?

Back in April, the largest legal case of the year wrapped up with a police officer receiving multiple convictions after his actions resulted in the death of a civilian. Heavily publicized from beginning to end, the trial highlighted the difficulties the internet era exacerbates with information, bias, and trial in the court of public opinion. Attorneys had trouble finding appropriate jurors in a pool tainted by ... CONTINUE READING

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