Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Article Library

You’ve been involved in an accident on the road or on the job. You’ve suffered a serious injury. Now what? It’s likely you have a lot of questions, and you aren’t sure where to find the answers you need. Browse our collection of articles to stay informed about a wide variety of topics related to injury law and your rights in Montana.
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  • Insurance Companies in Montana Cut Attorney's Bills It is an industry standard for insurance companies to cut or decrease the bills their own attorneys submit.
  • Not Your Fault, No Premium Increase In Montana , your insurance premiums cannot be increased for filing a claim when the crash is not your fault.
  • Ten Questions You Should Ask Before Signing A Contract With A Personal Injury Attorney If you or your family member are about to take the big leap and trust a personal injury trial lawyer with a 1/3 interest in what is probably the most significant catastrophe in your life, we believe there are a few questions you should ask.
  • Kids and Goals Although your teen needs your help setting goals and establishing a direction, it is critical that a teen understand these are his or her goals, not yours. Sometimes letting go can be the hardest part of this process.
  • Kids and Jobs Whether there is a financial need or not, Heather and I would agree that the sense of autonomy Andrew and Chandler have developed from working has made our recommendation to you a no-brainer.
  • Kids and Sports Your children are almost never as athletic as you think they are. I blame this certainty, along with a desire for junior to make up for mom and dad’s inadequacies, for most problems in organized youth sports.
  • Kids and Curfews Having a teen driver opens the door to staying out late, something that should be a concern for any parent.
  • Kids and Sportsmanship What on earth has happened to middle school parents in the past 20 years? I do not know if it is the increased pressure from travel teams or the real possibility that their kid will be cut but what used to be fun junior high games turned really ugly.
  • Kids and College Preparing ahead for this expense and understanding the consequences of your decisions is the key to making good decisions.
  • Kids and Video Games If your teenager cannot get enough of a video game and becomes irritable and miserable if it is taken away, he or she may be more than just a little cranky. Video game addiction is very real.